Block Together List for Top Twitter Advertisers

There’s now a Block Together list of 5200+ top advertisers on Twitter. If your advocacy group is looking to place pressure on Twitter, this Block Together list is a great resource.

Block Together works by allowing any Twitter user to subscribe to a block list compiled by someone you trust. It uses the Twitter API to block all the accounts in the list on the user’s account.┬áBlock Together will never block an account a user already follows so it essentially will have no negative impact on your account. Learn more about how Block Together works.

Just visit the Block Together subscription link and click “Block All and Subscribe”. The service will request access to your Twitter account as shown below. If you have any concerns, please read the Block Together home page.


Block Together needs access to your Twitter account

If you see accounts in the block list such as NGOs, left leaning activist groups or legitimate journalism organizations that should be removed, please let us know.

You can also check out our Block Together list for Fox News, Fox owned affiliates and Sinclair owned stations.