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Cleanup Twitter for the 2020 Elections

Introducing a BlockTogether list for election propaganda bots Today, we’re introducing a free BlockTogether list which automatically blocks more than 48,000 election propaganda bots on Twitter. These bots are identified in real time by the

Building the Conversation for November 7th

We know this election is like a game that’s been extensively rigged to prevent us from winning. But, we play the game because there is no better option. It may be time to reimagine activism for an authoritarian state.

2018 election fraud

Twenty Ways Republicans Steal Elections

Of course, vote on November 6th, 2018 but understand the structures with which Republicans have used and continue to employ to steal our elections. In We Can’t Wait for Elections, I reviewed the history of

womens march portland

Moving America Beyond Single-Issue Activism

Issue activism may not be effective in the current Republican era. Our election system is being attacked and our democracy is very sick. To build a new American democracy, we activists must change our tactics.

blue state legislature

Building a Blue State Congress

What is a Blue State Congress? The Blue State Congress will initially act as a loose affiliation of blue state leaders working together to take major actions, passing legislation collaboratively in their states to limit the power of Donald

We Can’t Wait for Elections

Waiting Four Years Won’t Bring Change Americans concerned about Donald Trump speak optimistically about 2018 and 2020, but the time of free, fair and verifiable Federal elections has passed. Despite Trump’s daily lies, connections to Putin and ongoing

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