Block Together List for Fox News, Fox Affiliates and Sinclair Stations

Help Block Fox News on Twitter

We’ve created a BlockTogether list that helps you block Fox News on Twitter as well as its primary advertisers and affiliate stations around the country. Block Together is a well known service that allows you to subscribe to our block list of Fox and Sinclair stations and advertisers.

Currently, we’re blocking 443 Fox News and Sinclair Broadcast stations around the country and its primary advertisers. As we grow, we’ll continue to add additional accounts as well as television personalities and reporters employed by these stations.

Note: we also offer a Block Together list of 16,400+ top Twitter advertisers.

How to Subscribe to Block Fox News

Once you subscribe, BlockTogether will update your block list with all of the twitter accounts we’ve identified for blocking, suppression and boycott. Just click our subscribe link and then click the “Block All and Subscribe” button shown below:

Block Fox News and Boycott Advertisers

Block Fox News and more…

Then, Block Together will ask for permissions to block all the accounts we specified. As we block additional Fox and Sinclair accounts, Block Together will block them for you as well.

authorize block together - block fox news

Authorize Block Together to block Fox News related accounts

You can read more about Block Together here. It’s the creation of Jacob Hoffman-Andrews a senior technologist at the awesome Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). It’s a well known service for reducing spam and we feel comfortable recommending them to you.

Why Block Fox News and Sinclair Broadcasting?

Weak Federal regulation has allowed Rupert Murdoch’s Fox and Sinclair to buy up an increasing share of local television stations around the country. Both companies pick, choose and manipulate the stories chosen or filtered out to provide more conservative propaganda to viewers. See Sinclair Requires TV Stations to Air Segments That Tilt to the Right (New York Times).

fox news propaganda

Fox News Taking Pride in Propaganda of Trump Regime

Often viewers don’t even realize their viewing conservative propaganda. For example, Seattle has a Fox affiliate, Q13 and Sinclair has an ABC channel, KOMO4, and recently Sinclair purchased KOMO and began pushing must run propaganda segments into the kinda progressive Seattle market.

Fox News has been the primary propaganda vehicle behind the conservative movement and the fascist corporate mission behind Trump and the current Republicans in Congress. Most recently, Fox has blown through all past levels of its outrageous lies and propaganda, accusing the FBI and Robert Mueller’s investigation of Donald Trump’s increasingly obvious connections to Russia and Dictator Vladimir Putin as a criminal coup.

How Can You Help?

The most valuable thing you can do is share this on Facebook and Twitter to spread the word amongst your friends.

If we’ve missed stations, advertisers or personalities working for Fox, let us know. Send a Twitter Direct message to @BlockFoxNews with the twitter account names and details. You can also post it in the comments below.

If we’ve made a mistake and blocked the wrong station, you can direct message us from your private Twitter account to let us know or post it in the comments below. Please provide details showing that you’re no longer connected to Fox or Sinclair.

Similarly, if you’re an advertiser that no longer sponsors Fox News or Sinclair ads or content, blog or tweet publicly about it and send us a link to the notice.


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Thank you everyone for your support and your assistance.